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Why is monsoon the best season to tie the knot?

Monsoon is one of the best and most romantic of all seasons. And if I tell you, the monsoon is the best time to get married then it won’t be much wrong too. Although, most of the couples are hesitant to tie the knot in monsoon due to logistic troubles that come along with monsoon but, believe me, with just a little anticipation and planning you could have the most memorable wedding. After all is there any better way to celebrate romance than getting married in the season of love?

Now, let me tell you few interesting things about the monsoon weddings-

Why monsoon wedding is a good idea:

  • You can bargain a good rate and get a remarkable discount with your wedding planner, caterer, venue managers, photographer, make-up artists and even a honeymoon package.
  • As there are a lesser number of weddings in this season, wedding planners across India are of the opinion that wedding cost can be slashed by good 30% in monsoon.
  • If you wish to have a quick wedding then choose this period as all the resources are easily available.
  • If all planned and executed well, it would be one of the most memorable parts of your and every guest’s life; simply because you would have broken the monotony in style.

Monsoon wedding tips for the venue:

  • For pre-wedding functions, if you are a little adventurous, go right ahead and have a pool party at a smaller resort. Give vibrant costumes to your guests to add some color to the entire gloom weather.
  • For actual wedding, it’s best to stay indoors and not mess with the weather! So choose a hotel or resort or banquet hall with the waterproof decor.
  • Do remember, lawns are not a good idea for a monsoon wedding. However, if you want to rebel and make a success of it, then make sure-


  • The lawn is covered with waterproof materials with no leakage possibility anywhere or else you will have grumpy guests. Speak to 2-3 waterproof decor experts before zeroing on one.
  • Quick transport to be made available for guests to be picked up and dropped from venue to the hotel where they are hosted.
  • Big umbrellas in good numbers to escort guests from the main area to dining area or powder room or parking.
  • It’s a great idea to escape to a beach or a hill station for your monsoon wedding, especially when you are having it indoors. For your guests, it would be a wonderful vacationing opportunity.


Monsoon Wedding Theme:

  • Choose a colorful vibrant theme, a complete contrast to monsoon. A rainbow theme can be a good choice.
  • Decoration costs lesser in monsoon season. With the weather so dull in this season even the slightest addition of colors can take the decoration to another level. So, be smart and save some a handful of monies.
  • You can line-up some cool collection of monsoon songs to be played through the reception.
  • You can also decorate the venue with umbrellas, colored raincoats, paper boats, etc to celebrate monsoon- the season of love.
  • Don’t forget the funky photo booth! You can go crazy and creative with right party props during a monsoon wedding.

Hope you find this article helpful! Share these monsoon wedding tips in your circles to reach those couple who wish to have a monsoon wedding.

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