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Latest Trends and Future of MICE Industry

The MICE- meetings, incentive, conferences, and exhibitions or events sector is one of the most complex and interrelated sectors. It is amongst the newest form of business tourism and is poised for vigorous growth. The demand for meetings and conferences are on all time high than ever before. Apart from this, several new trends too have been observed in this complex sector.

Now, if we have a look towards few of the trends then we can easily observe-

  • Meeting place is changing– Gone are the days when traditional boardroom meetings and conferences were held. With the change in time, meeting places and spaces too are changing. Today, traditional boardroom spaces are being replaced by an innovative approach where huge outdoor meeting spaces, different kinds of seating arrangements and other refreshing activities are being requested.
  • New age technologies– The present time conferences and meetings are becoming more tech-savvy than ever before. iPads and other such smart phones and laptops have successfully demolished the traditional ways. Today, LCD projectors and the latest audio-visual technological tools have totally transformed the meetings, conferences.
  • The destination meetings– The meeting destinations have gained a whole new importance in the recent past years. Planners are now looking for more value for money through destination meetings. Destination meetings not only offer great values and facilities but also provide comfort and a relaxed atmosphere which is being preferred.
  • Team building activities – The last couple of years noticed a slow decline in the team building activities. But, if we observe closely then the team building activities are set to make a great comeback. Once again planners are looking for venues which offer creative options for team building activities. For instance, venues with beach-volleyball, golf lessons, or horse riding are being preferred more by the organizers and planners.

The prospects for the MICE industry are looking very bright. And, these changing trends are a clear indication that this sector is ready to make a strong comeback. With the improvement in economies, many countries are promoting themselves as MICE venues for attracting clients and visitors. Apart from this, travel companies too are offering specialized MICE services and packages.

Lastly, with the improving economy, there is once again a renewed demand for meetings, conferences, and events to showcase latest products, services, and expertise.

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